Remax RPP-106 FIZI Series 20000mAh Power Bank

-Colors: Black, White
-2 input channels, namely Micro and Type-C
-2 output channels, supplying maximum 2.1A power
-LED display indicating the remaining battery status
-Made of good plastic, strong and durable
-Size: 137 x 68.5 x 25.5 mm
-Weight: 378g
-Material: ABS + PC
-Battery: Li-polymer
-Power: 74Wh
-Micro input: DC5V / 2A
-Type-C input: DC5V / 2A
-USB output 1/2: DC5V / 2.1A
Dual input dual output interface, LED digital display, charging/discharging status at a glance.
Remax backup battery RPP-106 has a dual USB interface that supports charging 2 devices at the same time with maximum output DC5V – 2.1A.Because the USB outputs are equipped with intelligent charging technology, the connected device is recognized and the correct amount of power is delivered. This allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously with the power bank.
Amazingly when charging backup max 20.000mAh RPP-106 is supplied complete in just 5h energy. With 18W Type-C input supports super-fast charging capability, shortening charging time is only in a short time.

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Black, White


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