Remax RM-510 Touch Music HiFi Wired Earphones


-Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink, Grey
-Mic Sensitivity: 42+-3dB
-Impedance: 16-15Percentage
-Maximum power: £º10mW
-Frequency range: 20-20000HZ
-Level of sensitivity: 87-3dB
-Length: 1.2 M
-Compatibility and Comfortable
-Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, etc
-Matt rubber lacquer + high-gloss piano paint for each other to build for you
-Unique concave and convex ear shell design caused by convex, left and right channels, respectively, to the rear of the bumps to
distinguish between wearing a blind In-ear headphones based on ergonomic design principles.
-Fit the natural curvature of the ear while dispersing the ear pressure, give you a different sense of skin, to ensure lasting
comfort and excellent sound quality.
-RM-510 unique appearance of the possession of the amazing power, providing a powerful bass for movies and music. So that the sense
of hearing and body feel the impact of low frequency and shock.

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Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink, Gray


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